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Transkrypcja nagrań do arkusza 6
Zadanie 1

Tekst 1.

Woman: Good morning. Can I help you?
Boy: Yes, I’m looking for a tie.
Woman: What pattern would you like to have?
Boy: At first I thought of a plain tie. But I like this one as well. Can I have a look at it?
Woman: Which one? Striped or checked?
Boy: The checked one.
Woman: Okay. Here it is.
Boy: I like it. It’s perfect. I’ll take it.
Woman: Good choice!

Tekst 2.

Paula: Hi Susan!
Susan: Hi Paula! Are you going to the party on Saturday?
Paula: Yes, I would like to. But I’m not sure what to wear.
Susan: You have this beautiful red dress. Why don’t you wear it?
Paula: I like it very much. But I thought of something more casual.
Susan: What about a t-shirt and jeans then?
Paula: Jeans for sure! But I thought of a blouse instead of a t-shirt. I bought this one last week. What do you think?
Susan: Yes, it is gorgeous! Now you have to help me choose my outfit.
Paula: Okay, sure!

Tekst 3.

Tim: Good morning doctor.
Doctor: Good morning. Have a seat, please. What’s the matter?
Tim: Well, I don’t feel good. I am coughing all the time. I also have a runny nose. I think I have a fever.
Doctor: I see. Let the nurse check your temperature.
Tim: Ok.
Doctor: Ah yes. Your temperature is high. Now let me see. Open your mouth. Please, say ‘a’.
Tim: ‘Aaa’.
Doctor: Mmm. Yes. Your throat doesn’t look good. It is the flu. I’ll prescribe you some medication. Stay in bed for a few days and have hot drinks. You’ll get better soon.
Tim: Thank you, doctor.

Tekst 4.

Hi Tom! I am calling to tell you that I can’t help you with the project on Saturday. My grandparents are coming to visit us, and they are going to stay here for the weekend. Do you think it will be possible to meet on Monday and finish the project then? I hope so! Let me know soon! Bye! Tekst 5.

I usually spend my holidays in Poland. I have never been abroad. This year is going to be different. For the first time we’re going to go by plane. We have just bought a 7-day stay in a 4-star hotel in Greece. I am a bit scared. My cousin was there two years ago, and he said he had the best holidays ever. I hope ours will be great, too!

Zadanie 2

Wypowiedź 1.

I like making puppets. My granny taught me how to do it. I know not many teenagers like it, some of them even think it’s a bit childish. But it’s really creative - and not so easy. It’s not cheap as well. High-quality materials such as: cloth, strings or wood can cost a lot. But I think it’s worth it!

Wypowiedź 2.

My granny used to work in a bakery. She taught me how to make delicious cakes. It’s not difficult at all. And you can find a lot of easy recipes online. I also like watching cookery programmes on TV. My favourite one is Mas-terChef Junior. My hobby is not only enjoyable, but also practical.

Wypowiedź 3.

I come from a musical family. My grandparents used to sing in a folk band. My mum can play the piano and my dad plays the drums. I have been interested in music since my childhood.

I have a private tutor who teaches me how to play the guitar. My skills have improved thanks to these lessons. I hope I will give concerts one day.

Wypowiedź 4.

I love calligraphy! It’s very relaxing and highly addictive - I can spend hours drawing. It’s not an expensive hobby though. You need good pens and paper, but you can easily get them at any stationery store. I always have them with me wherever I go. When I get bored or have nothing to do, I start creating something new and extraordinary.

Zadanie 3

If you want to visit one of the Royal Parks, you have to remember about certain things. Playing music is allowed in the parks. But be considerate. Let other people enjoy the park, too. You can play ball games, but only in certain areas of the parks. Contact the park office to make sure where you should play. You can have a picnic in every Royal Park but bring your own food. Having a barbecue in the parks is not allowed. It can be dangerous to other visitors and to wildlife. Also, remember to collect all your litter before you leave the park. To learn more about the rules in the Royal Parks visit their website:

Zadanie 4

Wypowiedź 1.

What time does the lesson start?

Wypowiedź 2.

How old is she?

Wypowiedź 3.

When’s his birthday?

Wypowiedź 4.

How much did you pay for the strawberries?

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