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Zadanie 1


Kate: Hi Paula. Where are you going this summer?
Paula: Well. It was difficult to decide. My parents wanted me to go to a summer camp again.
Kate: That’s great. Didn’t you like the idea?
Paula: Not really. Going to the same place again isn’t fun. And I also wanted to spend some time with my family this summer, not alone.
Kate: Really?
Paula: Yes. We don’t usually spend much time together.
Kate: So, what did you decide on?
Paula: We had two options. My mum wanted to go to the mountains, and my dad preferred going to the sea.
Kate: And what did you go for?
Paula: I hate walking, but I love swimming and sunbathing, so we chose the sea.
Kate: Wow, that’s great. Enjoy!


Patrick and I go to the same school and the same class. We spend a lot of time together and we have similar interests. After school, we often do our homework together as well. If it’s possible, we ride our bikes, play football or go skateboarding at the weekend.


Paul: I’m starving. Let’s go and eat something.
Ralph: Where would you like to go?
Paul: I’m not sure, maybe this fast-food restaurant here?
Ralph: Okay, let’s see what’s on the menu.
Paul: I don’t want any chips.
Ralph: Me neither. I would go for a pizza. I love pizza with salami and tomatoes. But it’s big I think.
Paul: I was thinking about a burger. Hmm... Maybe we will take one pizza for two?
Ralph: That’s a great idea.


Polly: Hi Tom! Would you like to go shopping with me tomorrow?
Tom: I’m not sure if I can. When would you like to go?
Polly: Right after school. I finish at 2.30.
Tom: I usually finish lessons at 2.30 as well, but tomorrow we have one extra lesson, so I will finish at 3.15.
Polly: That’s too late. I have my swimming classes at 3.30.
Tom: What about Thursday after school?
Polly: Great idea!


Hello Tim. I’m so sorry, but I won’t be on time for your birthday party. I need to finish my Biology project. My brother will help me with it, and I think I won’t be that late. Wait for me with your birthday cake. See you there!

Zadanie 2


Holidays have just started, and we already know where to go. As always, we are going to the mountains, to the same city, and to the same hotel. I love hiking. But I’m a little disappointed that we visit the same place every year.


We’re planning a trip to Spain this summer, but we don’t know where to stay. There are a lot of beautiful seaside resorts and we can’t make up our minds. We love going to different places and visiting new cities.


Adventure holidays - this is what we need. We always go to extraordinary places, for example Africa or the Galapagos Islands. This year we’re going to the Amazon Jungle. We’re planning to stay with the locals, eat their dishes, learn about the culture. We hope to see some wild animals as well. I can’t wait.


We are busy organizing the camping equipment right now. The tents and sleeping bags are ready. I am so looking forward to staying by the lake. There are always fantastic activities near the campsite. I love all kinds of water sports: canoeing, swimming and diving.

Zadanie 3

Sandra: Hello Rob. Your idea for extra classes turned out to be the best and you won the school competition. Congratulations!
Rob: Thank you Sandra, it wasn’t easy. I started preparing my programme in December and I finished in May. It took me a lot of time and effort, but it was worth it.
Sandra: Half a year, hmm... it’s quite a lot of time. But the programme is great. We don’t have much time to talk about all your plans, but could you mention just a few of your ideas?
Rob: Of course. We would like to have classes in which we would inform students about how to protect the environment. It’s not just adults who have to take care of it. Teenagers are also responsible. We can, for example, use reusable bags, save electricity and water, and also segregate waste.
Sandra: Is it only about theory?
Rob: No, we are going to have a lot of workshops as well, but I can’t give any more details now.
Sandra: I see. Thanks for this short conversation, Rob.
Rob: You’re welcome.

Zadanie 4


Have you ever read any of the “The Lord of the Rings” novels?


Where did you get that book?


This set book is so boring.


Can I borrow this book?

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