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Transkrypcja nagrań do arkusza 3
Zadanie 1

Tekst 1.

Boy: Its so hot today.
Girl: How about going to the beach?
Boy: I don’t like swimming in the sea, I prefer the pool.
Girl: OK, but our school swimming pool is closed.
Boy: Yes, I know. I was rather thinking of a newly opened aqua park.
Girl: I still prefer the beach, but let it be your choice.
Boy: Great choice, you won’t regret it.

Tekst 2.

Jill: Ready to go? The film starts in half an hour.
Tom: Oh no! I’ve got a flat tyre.
Jill: Let’s take a bus then.
Tom: We won’t be on time. I’m calling my mum. She’ll give us a lift.

Tekst 3.

Girl: Be careful! The ball!
Boy: Ouch! They should play on the pitch!
Girl: You’re right. There isn’t enough space and they may break the swings!

Tekst 4.

Before you start the test, listen for a moment. Anyone who gets over 90% will be able to take part in a Biology contest. Be careful with the exercises and read the questions twice. It’s really worth entering.

Tekst 5.

Hi! I’ve managed to do all I had to, so I’ll be at your place at 11. Don’t start planting the flowers without me!

Zadanie 2

Wypowiedź 1.

I like going to restaurants from time to time. My favourite one is Sushi for you. Eating out is a nice way of spending time, but I prefer when my mum cooks. I love her homemade dumplings with mushrooms.

Wypowiedź 2.

I love eating and I like trying different cuisines, but restaurants are not for me. To try different dishes, I prepare them by myself. Cooking is a great way to relax. Moreover, preparing food at home is much cheaper. It makes no sense to pay someone for something you can do on your own.

Wypowiedź 3.

I love food and eating out is a great chance for me to try dishes from different parts of the world. Sometimes I cook on my own, but there are things which I’ll never be able to prepare at home. I think that tasting the world is really good fun.

Wypowiedź 4.

I sometimes go to restaurants with my family, especially at the weekend. My parents really like eating out, because they don’t have to cook then. I believe that homemade food is much tastier, so restaurants are just not for me.

Zadanie 3

The place where you study may influence your effectiveness and so your grades at school. It’s very important to organise the space, where you spend your time on studying, properly. The first thing is light. You should always take care of your eyes. It’s good to have a desk by the window and a good lamp on it. Next, you have to remember that it’s easier to focus when there aren’t any distractors. Things which draw attention disturb you while learning. Get rid of your mobile phone when you study. Constant messages from your friends won’t help you. Another thing is a comfortable chair. You need to take care of your spine because you usually spend a lot of time sitting at your desk. Choose the best one you find. Last but not least, it’s good to have all the necessary things close to your desk. You won’t waste time on searching for books and you’ll be able to focus on studying. It’s also a good idea to have a bottle of water close to you. Is your learning space well-organised? Maybe it’s time to change something?

Zadanie 4

Wypowiedź 1.

Achoo! Sorry!

Wypowiedź 2.

I love riding a bike.

Wypowiedź 3.

Do you mind opening the window?

Wypowiedź 4.

I don’t like horror films.

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