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Zadanie 1

Tekst 1.

Boy: How about going to the cinema?
Girl: Great idea! I’d love to see the newest comedy about a journey to Italy.
Boy: Oh, nice, but I was rather thinking of something scary.
Girl: Really? I don’t like scary films. If you don’t want to watch a comedy, let’s see a cartoon. They’re funny and for people of all ages.
Boy: Yes, but I’ve been waiting for the premiere for ages.
Girl: Ok. If you really have to see it, let it be. But you’re paying for popcorn.
Boy: As you wish.

Tekst 2.

Jill: Ok Tom, we’re meeting at five outside the cafe, right?
Tom: But Jill, I have no idea where it is.
Jill: Take bus number five from Blue street and get off at the third stop. The cafe is just opposite the bus stop.
Tom: Can’t we go there together?
Jill: Ok, so take the bus at quarter to five. I’ll take the same one from Brown Street.

Tekst 3.

Girl: I would like two rolls please.
Woman: Anything else?
Girl: Yes, two sausages, please.
Woman: Sorry, but to buy sausages you have to go to the butcher’s. It’s opposite the greengrocer’s, just around the corner.
Girl: Oh, so that’s all for me. Thanks.
Woman: That’s £2, please.
Girl: Here you are. Thank you. Bye!
Woman: Goodbye.

Tekst 4.

Man: How are the things going?
Woman: As you know, I’ve changed my job. The best thing about the new one is travelling. In the previous job I was just sitting by the desk and now I have a chance to see a lot of places. I’ve just come back from a trip to Vienna. It was amazing. Apart from work, I had a chance to sightsee the whole city. I really loved it.

Tekst 5.

Hi Brenda. Sorry for calling back so late, but I’ve been very busy. If you want, I can come on Saturday to help you with the painting. Let me know.

Zadanie 2

Wypowiedź 1.

Birthday parties are great, especially when your birthday is in the summer. The best parties are in the open air, especially by the pool. Fortunately, I’ve got a swimming pool outside my house and I really love organising my birthday there.

Wypowiedź 2.

I cannot imagine my birthday without my classmates. For me this is an occasion when I can gather with my peers and celebrate together. There is always a lot of people on my birthday party and the only thing I regret is that I can organise a birthday party only once a year.

Wypowiedź 3.

I hate organising parties and I didn’t use to invite anyone for my birthday. Everything changed five years ago, when my sister decided to organise a party for me. I was so taken aback that I almost fainted. Since then, every year someone does it for me and my reaction is still the same, as they choose different dates, before or after the exact date. Such parties are the best.

Wypowiedź 4.

My friends organise birthday parties regularly, but I don’t. I prefer to organise a party with no reason and spend my birthday with my relatives. I can meet my friends every day, so there’s nothing special in spending my birthday with them.

Zadanie 3

The Internet is something that we cannot imagine our lives without, but remember that it doesn’t have only advantages. You have to be really careful while using it. The biggest disadvantage is that the Internet can be really dangerous if you use it inappropriately. It’s very easy to pretend to be someone else on the Internet, as you can’t see the person you write to. Even if you use a camera, you can’t be sure that the person you talk to is real. Moreover, some information on the Internet is not true, which may cause a lot of troubles. Imagine writing your homework and using false facts for it. Last but not least, nothing disappears on the Internet, so take it into consideration before you decide to do something silly. Remember to use the Internet wisely!

Zadanie 4

Wypowiedź 1.

Have you heard that Paul won the lottery?

Wypowiedź 2.

I’ve lost my mobile.

Wypowiedź 3.

I fancy eating ice cream.

Wypowiedź 4.

Thanks for your help.

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