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Zadanie 1

Tekst 1.

Boy: What do you think of buying Tom a travel guide? He loves travelling.
Girl: Ok, but you know how many of them he already has. It’ll be hard to choose.
Boy: So, maybe an adventure story connected with travelling. How about this one?
Girl: Oh, I’ve read it and it wasn’t very interesting. Don’t forget that Tom loves cooking. Maybe we should buy him a cookery book?
Boy: Yes, but he prefers inventing his own dishes.
Girl: Hard choice. I know! Let’s buy this one!
Boy: A mystery, an investigation and everything set in a beautiful area. Perfect!
Girl: Great! He’ll be very pleased.

Tekst 2.

Man: Hurry up! We’ll miss our flight!
Woman: Don’t panic. It’s quarter to eight. We’ve got time. Man: Are you joking? The plane takes off in half an hour! Woman: Don’t be so nervous. I’ll just buy a sandwich and we can go.

Tekst 3.

Girl: Would you like a piece of cake?
Boy: Can you tell me what’s in it? I’m allergic to some products.
Girl: Cream, butter, eggs, flour and peanuts.
Boy: Oh, so I’m really sorry, but I can’t eat it.
Girl: What are you allergic to?
Boy: A number of products, however it used to be worse when I was a child. I couldn’t eat bread and butter. Now diary products are fine, and I tolerate flour and eggs, but all the nuts are still dangerous for me.
Girl: I’ll remember and next time I’ll prepare a cheesecake with strawberries especially for you.
Boy: That’s very nice of you.

Tekst 4.

Boy: How was the party?
Girl: It was fantastic! A lot of guests, beautiful presents and delicious food. No one has ever organised such a perfect party for me. It was awesome. I’ve never thought that anyone can surprise me, but Kate kept everything a secret. That was the best birthday in my life!

Tekst 5.

Good morning. I’m calling to ask if there is a possibility to rebook the tickets, or do I have to return them and buy new ones? I’d only like to change the hour of the play I’m going to watch at your theatre. Please call me back on 771 224 332.

Zadanie 2

Wypowiedź 1.

Reading is my passion. I remember when I was a child, my mum used to read books for me before I went to sleep. I do believe that reading makes you a more creative person and helps in finding solutions to problems. Moreover, reading develops imagination.

Wypowiedź 2.

I’ve never liked reading books because for me it’s just boring. Thank god my mum found a perfect solution for me. Now I listen to books, and I don’t get bad marks at school anymore.

Wypowiedź 3.

My parents love reading, but I don’t find it interesting. For me reading is just boring. Isn’t it better to watch a film than spend hours on reading a book? Reading takes too much time, and as we all know time is priceless, so we shouldn’t waste it.

Wypowiedź 4.

I’ve always loved reading and I do believe that there’s nothing better to spend time on than reading. Now I found a new way of having all my favourite books with me. E-books made my life easier and I’m really happy that I have a possibility to read whatever I want, wherever I want. I think that they’re much better than paper versions, and moreover - much cheaper.

Zadanie 3

Having a puppy is a great responsibility. To be a good owner of a young dog you must remember to take good care of it. First of all, remember to give it a lot of love, but at the same time set some rules. You can’t be only its friend. A puppy needs to learn a lot of things. You have to take it for walks at least five times a day. Remember about choosing appropriate food, too. Each breed has different needs. Some puppies have to be brushed every day, so don’t forget to check it and buy a special brush. Toys are also important. Your dog can’t get bored, so remember to give it some toys to play with. Last but not least, remember about vaccinations. Take your dog to the vet and take care of its health. Good luck with your new friend for life!

Zadanie 4

Wypowiedź 1.

Do you like swimming?

Wypowiedź 2.

I don’t like playing volleyball.

Wypowiedź 3.

I think that riding a bike is the best way of spending free time.

Wypowiedź 4.

Let’s go bowling.

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